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Workshop on
Restorative Justice & Mediation

This course is specially designed to offer a restorative perspective on mediation

practice and review the theoretical development of the framework.

Deliverables by AcIn:

1. 6 hours workshop                   

2. 4 case studies                     

3. RJ toolkits                               

4. Handouts 

5. Video library

6. Readings 

7. Roleplays and simulations

8. Learning through peer-review

9. Mindfulness sessions

Upon successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to do

the following:

  1. Mediate and observe the process of restorative mediation.

  2. Changing to- mediate using more emotionally intelligent techniques.

  3. Possess the skills that effectively change how people behave not only toward their adversary in a particular conflict but also in their day-to-day lives thereafter.

  4. Transition from a settlement-driven approach to a dialogue-driven approach

  5. Practice AcIn’s UNITE approach of Restorative Justice

  6. Listen, Empathize, Resolve

Each cohort will have 30 seats.

Interested individuals or organizations can approach at: for organizing this workshop at their institution. You can also contact us telephonically on +91 9971570259

To know more deeply about the program Click Here.


Restorative Justice Ladder

Upward and Downward expansion

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