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About us

Listen. Empathize. Resolve.

Accords International (AcIn) is world's premiere organization working in the area of conflict resolution. We are passionate about discovering innovative techniques in mediation and restorative justice for widening their scope as a mechanism of conflict resolution. AcIn empowers and supports people in confronting misunderstandings and conflicts at their home, workplace, and community in general. Our larger aim is to create a wider network of conflict resolution professionals, mediators, and restorative justice facilitators to provide better solutions for solving disputes without going to court.

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Our vision is to equip professionals, judges, policymakers, and civil society members with the tools required to nurture creative techniques of conflict resolution.

Accords International  partners with and serve courts, judicial bodies, mediation/conflict resolution centers, schools, and universities throughout the world to deliver innovative unions of research, advisory, creative techniques, deliberative inquiry, and consulting services.


AcIn was conceptualized in 2021 with an aim to:

  1. Empower individuals to establish better dispute resolution mechanisms. We will offer learning programs in areas covering the psychology of conflict resolution, family mediation, divorce mediation and interests of a child of divorce, cyberbullying and restorative justice, and community building.

  2. Utilise existing techniques in dispute resolution in a more productive way and to create new techniques in the area. AcIn will undertake research projects to contribute in better understanding of conflict resolution.

  3. Create a pan India network of professionals, academicians, judges, bureaucrats, and students working in the area of conflict resolution and restorative justice

  4. Synergise the working of alternate dispute resolution mechanisms with courts and the government for faster and optimal results.

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