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Restorative Justice Week 2023

Restorative Practices for Young Adults

Restorative Justice (RJ) is a transformative approach that holds immense potential in the realm of juvenile justice. The RJ Week on the theme "Restorative Practices for Young Adults" seeks to explore the multifaceted aspects of employing restorative practices to address the unique challenges faced by young individuals within the justice system. The event spans four days, delving into theoretical foundations, practical applications, psychological insights, and rethinking preventive strategies.

Dates for the RJ Week 2023: November 4, 5, 18, 19
November 4: 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm IST
November 5: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm IST
November 18: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm IST
November 19: 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm IST  
Detailed schedule will be shared post registration

Dates: November 4- 19, 2023

Early Bird Registration Fee: INR 8,000 (USD 95)

Last day to register: October 31, 2023

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Join us in this program and learn from experts!

Key Features of the Workshop

  1. To promote understanding and awareness of Restorative Justice principles for juvenile justice.

  2. To provide insights into the global perspective and international instruments related to RJ for children in conflict with law.

  3. To showcase effective RJ implementation methods and practices around the world.

  4. To explore the psychological aspects of children within the justice system and establish communication strategies.

  5. To reconsider preventive strategies by emphasizing RJ's potential in schools and homes.

Day 1: Theoretical Foundations - Nov 4, 2023 

Session 1:

International Principles and Perspectives in Juvenile Justice

This session will offer a comprehensive view of international principles guiding developments within juvenile justice systems. It will deal with decriminalizing and humanizing the process of administering justice to children.

Session 2:

RJ International Instruments

This session will explore the international instruments that provide a framework for employing RJ within the context of juvenile justice.

Speakers of the Program

Day 2: Restorative Justice in Action - Nov 5

Session 3: Circle Keeping and Circle Building

This session will work on building the understanding of circle keeping and building within the context of restorative juvenile justice. It will provide insights into how it benefits children and changes their approach and perspective.

Session 4: Restorative Implementation and Practices Worldwide

This session will provide insights into effective restorative implementation practices from around the world including the laws, policies, and practices.

Day 3: Children and Their Psychology - Nov 18

Session 5: Trauma and Children in Contact with System

This session will explore the correlation between trauma and criminalized/harmful behavior among children and its lasting effect into adulthood. It has been well researched that trauma leads to development of anti-social behaviour. It will discuss how trauma impacts children and how trauma informed approaches can be helpful.

Session 6: Communication with Children

It will be a session on establishing effective communication with children, including active listening and feedback techniques.

Day 4: Rethinking Preventive Strategies -- Nov 19

Session 7: RP in Schools

The session is intended to focus on i) Restorative Practices for classrooms, ii) RP for conflict resolution at school level, and iii) how to start implementing these practices in the current system. The session is also intended to highlight the practical difficulties faced by RP professionals and practitioners when they try to implement these skills. We can learn from your shared experiences and your toolkit to deal with students. Also, we are not limiting the scope of the session but if it helps you then we can talk only about the senior classes and not the junior ones.

Session 8: RP at Home and Community

The session will focus on the role of Restorative Practices in fostering a supportive environment at home and community, leading to contributing the positive development of children in conflict with law.

The RJ Week on "Restorative Practices for Young Adults" promises a holistic exploration of the application of restorative principles within juvenile justice. Through theoretical insights, practical examples, and psychological considerations, participants will gain valuable perspectives on the transformative power of RJ in the lives of young individuals. By rethinking preventive strategies, the event aims to contribute to the creation of a more just and nurturing society.


Participants will engage in an interactive exercise simulating real-world RJ scenarios, followed by video insights and open discussions.

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