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  • Interested in mediation and restorative justice and innovating newer techniques of conflict resolution?

  • Do you want to make conflict resolution a life skill and empower people around you to determine their own lives?

  • Do you want to facilitate restorative justice circles?

  • Do you want to be a part of mediation role-plays and simulations?

  • If yes, you should consider becoming a volunteer mediator/facilitator with Accords International (AcIn)!!

We are home to a vibrant group of dedicated professionals who dream to make mediation, restorative justice, and conflict resolution possible in India. Because so much of the important work we do is made possible by our interns and volunteers, we are committed to providing opportunities for you that fit your interest, skill levels, and time considerations.


Below is the variety of ways to become part of our AcIn family as a volunteer. If you don’t find a role that suits your profile/skills then please contact us to develop a unique volunteer plan.

Please contact us for more information on volunteer opportunities:


Volunteer Mediator

AcIn’s active volunteer mediators help the coaches and trainers in developing innovative skills of mediation training. They also aid the trainers in role-plays and simulations during training sessions and workshops.


Volunteer RJ facilitator

AcIn’s volunteer RJ facilitators help the trainers and experts in circle keeping and creating a preventive culture of restorative justice. They are trained in basic circle keeping and sensitized about the cultural diversity of the community and society. RJ volunteers also help in preparing toolkits and RJ modules for our trainings and learning enhancement programs.


Office & Administrative Support
Do you like assisting with daily office tasks, like data entry and mailings?  Do you have skills in accounting?  Are you familiar with using Microsoft Office or other software?  We welcome all kinds of help with our day-to-day operations.


Community Engagement Team
Are you interested in helping spread the word about AcIn in our community?  If so, consider becoming part of our Community Engagement Team.  We are seeking volunteers to help with distributing materials, staffing AcIn displays, giving presentations, and assisting with events.

Click here for our Volunteer Application

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