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Undo Cyberbullying with Restorative Justice

Workshop on Developing a Restorative Response to

Cyberbullying: Listen, Empathize, Resolve (Virtual)

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Glimpse from First Training

About the Workshop

This workshop is a three-day intensive programme on discussing sustainable restorative solutions to cyberbullying under AcIn’s Project CyberED. It envisions to resolve the menace of cyberbullying using constructive approaches. It involves a detailed discussion on the problem and its ambit, limitedness of existing solutions, and the innovative techniques for resolving cyberbullying through restorative justice. At AcIn our Mantra is Listen, Empathize and Resolve and through this workshop we are introducing AcIn’s five-pronged Impact approach: UNITE. The workshop intends to inculcate the habit of listening, understanding and taking constructive steps for resolving classroom conflicts at early stages with collaborative approaches of teachers and students.


Key Takeaways:

• 3 Days: 10 Hours Training

• RJ Circle Experience

• Interaction with Global RJ Experts

• RJ Toolkits for Parents, Educators and Students

• Opportunity to Speak at International Public Forum

• Certificate of Training


AcIn Unite Approach

Objectives of the Workshop


We are thankful to our collaborators:

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