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Special Opportunity for Students:

For Foundation Learning Program in Mediation

To support students in learning mediation skills, AcIn offers a Special Opportunity in terms of the Observer Program.

  1. The Observer Program* allows 'only students' to register for INR 6500/ and attend all the expert sessions and 2 roleplay simulations as observers.

  2. Students will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.

  3. Eligibility- *This program is open to students currently enrolled in any full-time graduate and Postgraduate programs. Doctoral candidates, Research Fellows, and Diploma students are not eligible for this program. 

Option to get Certified as a Mediator:

  1. Observer Program students can pay the remaining fee before the roleplays/simulations start. The organizers will communicate the date.

  2. Upon converting, they will get the opportunity to take part in roleplays and simulations and sit in the independent assessment.

  3. On passing the independent assessment, instead of a 'Certificate of Participation, students will get a 'Certificate of Trained Mediator'

Please complete the registration process in two steps:-

  1.  Make the payment using either Razorpay (Indian Participants) or PayPal (International Participants).

  2.  Comeback to this page to fill the registration form and attach the screenshot of the payment.

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