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'Introduction to Restorative Justice Circle Workshop'

It gives us immense pleasure to share that we have completed our 'Introduction to Restorative Justice Circle Workshop ' on the 5th of February, 2022.

It was organized in collaboration with DC Peace Team. 

The participants involved practitioners, academicians and research scholars from a variety of fields involving social work, social science, forensic science, psychology and law.

We would like to thank Jeri Fields, Eli McCarthy, Debra Budiani-Saberi, Sal Corbin and Jamal Jones for addressing our participants in the session

We would also like to thank Sangeeta Mehrotra and Raja K.R. for joining us. 

This was an activity- based workshop aiming to provide participants a chance to engage in restorative practices through the lens of relationship building, restoration, and maintenance of peace. The workshop dealt with theoretical roots and practical application of Restorative Justice in two parts. First part of the workshop focused on a detailed discussion on Restorative Justice as a philosophy and set of practices that engage the community in building relationships and repairing harm through inclusive dialogue, deep understanding, and shared power. The participants were sent to break-out rooms with facilitators to discuss the concept of justice and the power of RJ.
The second part of the workshop involved the introduction to the functioning of Restorative Justice Circles. The facilitators used the DCPT model to simulate how RJ encourages identifying harms, sharing the remorse, and healing in separate break-out rooms. They were familiarized with the values and guidelines of the circle process. After the Circle process, participants were debriefed in the main room with all the facilitators.
The appreciation we received throughout the workshop cannot be put in words.

Thank you to all participants for inspiring us all to create an organisation where we can bring our true selves to work.


Kudos to our team Rohit Kumar and Bibisarah S.
Listen. Empathize. Resolve.
Upasana Singh
Akanksha Marwah

Some Glimpse from the Workshop


“Well structured. Insight into new concept. Feel highly interested in taking this up further”

 -Surekha Chukkali

 Christ University, Delhi NCR


“It was a great session, very necessary. I'd enjoy being a part of a longer series that spends more time discussing/training us in these concepts and issues.”

Dhruva Desai

Research Associate and Faculty, Azim Premji University.


“It was very informative and the sessions were conducted in a practical way where I could use the applications.”

Nikita Singh

National Forensic Sciences University (M.Sc. Forensic Psychology Student)


"Excellent session! Feel empowered and hopeful! Please do these workshops more often. 😃"

Aniruddha Mahadevan Sethi

Associate, Office of Sr. Advocate Arunabh Chowdhury

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