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Accredited 60-Hour
Foundation Learning Program in Mediation

Online International Mediation Training Program

10 Days | 13 Sessions | 12 Trainers

'Accredited and Certified by ADR Register, Global Network Group, Amsterdam'

In collaboration with Mediation Academy, South Africa & Foundation for Sustainable Rule of Law Initiatives, USA

Deadline extended to June 5th, 2023

INR 20000/-

250 USD

This 60-hour Foundation Learning Program in Mediation is designed to cater to the need of law students, law colleges, young professionals, and academicians for getting trained and certified to practice as a mediator. Also, it focuses on creating a culture where mediation skills are perceived as life skills and not just an addition to the professional profile of an individual. It is curated in a manner that makes it suitable for students/professionals/academicians from a non-legal backgrounds.

Key Features of the Training
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Restorative Practices

It is Accords International’s unique model of mediation learning program where we introduce the implementation of restorative practices in mediation.

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Digital Learning Content

Every participant will get a comprehensive digital pack with readings and role plays.

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Small Cohort size

Unlike other trainings this foundation learning program takes in only limited participants.


Certification & Accreditation 

Successfully completing this training program will make the participant eligible to:

  1. Practice as a mediator in India, South Africa and Europe depending if a country needs a bridging course.

  2. Get Empaneled as a mediator with ADR Register, Global Network Group (ISO 9001 Certified by Lloyds Register), Mediation Academy, South Africa and Accords International. It is subject to the conditions of fee and assessment.

  3. Conducting similar             learning            programs.

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Our trainers and experts include globally renowned mediators, conflict resolution professionals, restorative justice facilitators, and coaches from all over the world.

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Recordings of the sessions will be shared with all the participants.

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Internationally reviewed program

This program schedule has been curated after incorporating reviews and suggestion from internationally acclaimed mediators. Many of them are on the advisory board of AcIn

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Role plays and simulations with Case studies

18 hours of SUPERVISED role plays and simulations using case studies based on actual court cases.

Every participant will get a new case study to practice with. We don’t repeat case studies.

Peer review and detailed feedback after every role play

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60-hours of learning program inclusive of 45-contact hours

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The training is completely online and can be attended from any part of the world.

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We have curated a program with two levels of feedback:

  1. Participants feedback from trainers/coaches.

  2. Organizers' feedback            by        participants.          

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Peer review

All the participants will be peer-reviewed. Everyone will be given an assessment sheet and will get trained in how to do peer reviews.

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International exposure

Participants will get to meet and connect with fellow participants from all around the world and also with globally reputed faculty members and trainers.

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Supervision, Coaching, and Individual Attention

All the participants get individual attention from our lead trainers and experts.

Program Schedule

Session II

Understanding Conflict

Session IV

Active Listening

Session VI

Effective Communication Techniques for Mediators- Part 1

Session VIII

Techniques and Tools of Negotiation

Session X

Documents in mediation

Session XII

Dealing with Impasses in Mediation

Final Assessment

Session I

Mediation 101

Session III

Process and Stages in Mediation

Session V

Opening Statement

Session VII

Effective Communication Techniques for Mediators- Part 1

Session IX

Art of Asking Questions

Session XI

Principles and Ethics

Session XIII

Way Forward as a Mediator

Speakers of the Program
Glimpses of our Training

 Dimithra Kumarsinghe

“Loved all the sessions today. More activity based/ interactive something after lunch.”
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