Bootcamp on Cyberbullying and Restorative Justice

Accords International (AcIn) organized a 2-Day Bootcamp on ‘Cyberbullying and Restorative Justice' on May 22 & 23, 2022 under one of our initiatives, CyberED. 

This Bootcamp intended to propose resolving the menace of cyberbullying using restorative approaches. It involved a brief discussion of the problem and its ambit, the insufficiency of existing solutions, and the innovative techniques for resolving cyberbullying through restorative justice.


The Bootcamp tried to inculcate the habit of listening, understanding, and taking constructive steps for resolving conflicts at early stages with collaborative approaches. 

AcIn hosted Nirali Bhatia, Cyber Psychologist & Psychotherapist and Arti Mohan, Program Officer, Restorative Justice, Counsel to Secure Justice.